At Guardian Risk Managers we know that times are changing and we need to adapt. Your clients are doing more with their Recreational Vehicles than ever before: they’re travelling further, investing more in them and utilizing their RV’s for new purposes. To meet the needs of your clients, we have updated our Recreational Vehicle wordings to help you provide your clients with the right coverage.

Our updated Recreational Vehicle wordings have increased limits and additional new coverages including: Glass & Windshield damage, Watercraft coverage and Bicycle coverage. Our improved wordings complement our new in-house monthly payment plan offering, and our wordings are supported by our in-house team of adjusters.

For a new quote visit our broker portal at You will find the new wordings in the My Guardian section of our website under the Manuals tab.

Below is a list of some of the changes we have made to our wordings!

Here are some updates to our RV wordings:

  • Increased contents coverage to $10,000 for all Supreme and Peace of Mind package policies

  • Replacement Cost on awnings automatically for all Supreme and Peace of Mind package policies.

  • Increased Emergency Expense, Emergency Roadside Assistance and Unit Rescue & Retrieval.

  • Increased Fire Department charges to $5000 on all packages.

  • New – Glass and Windshield Repair coverage: $100 per occurrence/$200 per policy term.

  • New – Watercraft coverage: $1000

  • New – Bicycle coverage: $1000

  • New – Pet Injury: $1000

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