Our Best Practices Include The Following

Quote Turnaround Time

We will always endeavor to provide you with a quote within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Multiple Broker Quote Requests

Should more than one broker request a quotation on the same account, we will provide a quote (with the same terms) to each eligible broker. The terms provided may vary based on the submission received.

Binding Authority

As with all wholesale or specialty markets, brokers have no right or authority to bind risks on behalf of Guardian or its insurers. Coverage can only be bound by notifying Guardian, preferably by email, that Guardian’s quote has been successful and requires binding as of a current or future date specified.

Ethics and Honesty

Full disclosure of all the facts and details of a risk are essential both for the proper insuring of the risk as well as the proper assessment of the premium. Guardian Risk Managers deals only with brokers who subscribe to this basic philosophy which is integral to our operations and strong broker partnerships.


We assess our partners carefully to ensure business is only placed with Syndicates, Insurers and Reinsurers who are registered in Canada and have a strong financial rating.

Privacy Policy

Guardian Risk Managers operate on the understanding that you have obtained permission from your client to share their business or personal information with insurers and wholesalers in your quest to market their account. Information collected by Guardian Risk Managers is kept in confidence and is not shared with any outside source, except as required for placement of insurance or handling of a claim.
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